Strategy 4.1

Research in the area of increasing water use efficiency

Research in area of increasing water use efficiency and maintaining its quality in agriculture, industry and domestic sector. Improvement in efficiency of water use and that of water utilization facilities for increasing food and water security through increasing usable water by following initiatives; 

(i) Minimising inadvertent evaporation from water logged areas, barren land, agricultural fields between crops, wet soil between crop rows in irrigated fields.

(ii) Increasing storages in water use systems by use of ground water space as storage, through enhanced fluctuations like pumping water from Terai to deplete ground water before floods, conjunctive use in time, with larger ground water use in bad years, more efficient use of vadose zone moisture storage, repeated use of surface storage during wet season, increasing storages and carry over storages through implementing a programme for raising dam heights.

(iii) Increasing water use efficiency by encouraging re-use of return water, modernization of canals and distribution systems.

(iv) Participatory management by water users for increased efficiency.

(v) Identification and evaluation of crop varieties using extreme conditions of water, design for appropriate cropping patterns and adoption of integrated farming system etc. including incentives for efficient use of water.