Strategy V.5

Expeditious formulation of the projects for utilization of surplus flood water for beneficial use of the society and implementation of projects after evaluating costs and land acquisition problems

Floods are an evil in so far as they cause destruction to life and property but floods are potential resources and blessings. Utilization of these surplus flood waters for purpose of irrigation, power development, navigation, etc. can be achieved by conserving the flood supplies in for beneficial use, and thereby eliminating the death and destruction.


MoWR, RD & GR addresses the flood problems in systemic manners by considering all possible options including : - Creation of sufficient storages by providing sufficient flood cushion in the existing Reservoirs to moderate the flood peaks; - Undertaking new storage schemes to store flood waters during monsoon; - Diversion of flood water to water deficit areas through inter linking projects; - Early resolution on implementation of Bilateral Projects in neighbouring countries namely Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and North Easter regions; and - Modernization and Expansion of flood forecasting system.