Strategy 4.5 & 4.6

4.5 - Efficiency labelling of water appliances and fixtures

4.6 - Promotion of water efficient techniques and technologies

Key areas highlighted NAPCC are as follows: 

(a) Ensuring more effective management of water resources.

(b) National Water Mission to seek optimizion the efficiency of existing irrigation systems including rehabilitation of systems that have been rundown and also expand irrigation, where ever feasible, with a special efforts to increase storage capacity.

(c) Incentive structures to be designed to promote adoption of large scale programmes which rely on sprinklers, drip irrigation and ridge & furrow irrigation.

The activities under strategy 4.6 are as follows:

(a) Promotion of micro irrigation techniques such as sprinkler and drip irrigation.

(b) Expand "Farmers' Participatory Action Research Programme".

Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS) Specification in respect of domestic water appliances