Water TechTalk

The 'Water Tech Talk' Series

S. No. Series Speaker Topic Date Attachment File
10 10th Water Tech Talk Dr. Deepak Kashyap, Former Visiting Professor in Iir Roorkee & Former Professor and Head D/o Civil Engineering and Dean of Faculty, IIT Roorkee Thoughts on Advancement of Groundwater Management Practices in India 09 July 2021 Recording
9 9th Water Tech Talk Dr Bhishm Kumar, Former Prof Staff , IAEA, Vienna, Austria & Advisor (IH), Former Sr Scientist & Head, NIH Roorkee Isotope Application in Water Resoirces Investigations & Managemnet 11 June 2021 Recording
8 8th Water Tech Talk Dr. Ashwaghosha Ganju, Scientist 'H', Former Director of SASE, DRDO Employment of state-of-the-art technology tools for resolving indeterminate snow-ice water resources for the sustenance of Himalayan ecosystem 14 May 2021 Recording
7 7th Water Tech Talk Dr. Nupur Bahadur, Fellow, Wastewater Treatment Technology, R&D, TERI TERI Advanced Oxidation Technology (TADOX) to Treat Wastewater and Enhance Water Reuse 09 April 2021 Recording
6 6th Water Tech Talk Jitendra Singh Choudhary, Project Shuddham, IIT Kanpur On low cost waste water recycling machine for domestic use 12 March 2021 Recording
5 5th Water Tech Talk Dr. Indra Shekhar Sen, Assistant Professor, Departt. Of Earth Science, IIT Kanpur New paradigms in water quality monitoring 12 Feb 2021 Recording
4 4th Water Tech Talk Mr. Osten Ekengren, Executive Vice President, IVL- Swedish Environmental Research Institute Reuse, Recycle of Water and Wastewater 08 Jan 2021 Recording
3 3rd Water Tech Talk Dr. T Pradeep, Institute Professor, Departt of Chemistry, IIT Madras Harvesting humidity for clean water 11 Dec 2020 Recording
2 2nd Water Tech Talk Dr. Rajiv Sinha, Professor, Deptt of Earth Sciences, IIT Kanpur Paleogeomoprhology and stratigraphy influence the groundwater depletion patterns in alluvial aquifers: Learnings from northwest India 13 Nov 2020 Recording
1 1st Water Tech Talk Mr. Niv Pintow, Founder LIVNAT Engineering- Former Mekorot project Manager, Israel National Water Company GIS uses in National Water Systems 09 Oct 2020 Recording