SSAP - Water Image Gallery

Date  Name Of  Meeting  Gallery
27-March-2018 Brainstorming Session & Workshop (National Level) on Water Security, Saftey and Sustainability Images-I
22-March-2018 Meeting of International Association of Hydro-geologists - Indian National Chapter Images
23-24-Feb-2018  State Water Budgeting Meeting In Kolkata. Images
04- Nov-2017 State Water Budgeting Meeting. Images
23-Oct-2017 National Consultation to finalise Model TEMPLATE on STATE/UT SPECIFIC ACTION PLAN on WATER (SSAP-Water). Images
25-Aug-2017 State Water Budgeting Brainstorming Sessions. Images
26-July-2017 State Water Budgeting Brain Storming Session. Images
5-June-2017 National Orientation on STATE/UT SPECIFIC ACTION PLAN FOR WATER SECTOR. Images