Minutes / Proceeding of The Meetings.


S. No. Date  Title Minutes / Proceeding Photographs 
1 01-Nov-2018 Meeting on Appraisal Mission Environment, Climate Adaptation and Water Security in India. Minutes of Meeting Photo
1 31-Oct-2018 Meeting on Synthesizing Earth Observation and Citizen Observation for Monitoring Water Quality in Urban Lakes Minutes of Meeting Photo
2 30-Oct-2018 Meeting on Improving Water Use Efficiency Minutes of Meeting photo
3 23-Oct-2018 Meeting on Role of Empanelled Lead and Field Agencies in implementing activities of NWM Minutes of Meeting Photo
4 16-Oct-2018 Meeting on Water Resource Mapping, Monitoring, Modelling, Forecasting and Citizen Engagement  Minutes of Meeting Photo
5 11-Oct-2018 Meeting on Over Exploited Areas and Water Regulatory Authority Minutes of Meeting Photo
6 08-Oct-2018 Meeting with Dr. Sudhir Kulkarni, Secretary, MWRRA  Minutes of Meeting  Photo
7 01-Oct-2018 Meeting with Shri. Susheel Kumar, Chairman  UPWaMReC Minutes of Meeting Photo