Goal 2

Promotion of citizen and state action for water conservation, augmentation and preservation

Studies on the impact of climate on water resources indicate that various components of the hydrological cycle would be affected resulting in increased temporal and spatial variations of water availability.  This calls for urgent steps for conservation of available water resources and take immediate steps for augmentation of the utilizable water resources.  Water can be of beneficial use to the mankind only if all stakeholders are fully involved in its development and management.  Based on success stories in Maharashtra and Gujarat, it has been established that the participatory approach in water management yielded excellent results.  

The identified actionable issues under this Goal include:

1.Empowerment and involvement of Panchayati Raj Institutions, Urban Local Bodies, Water User Associations and primary stake holders in management of water resources with focus on water conservation, augmentation and preservation.

2.Promote Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM).

3.Sensitization of elected representatives of over - exploited areas about the dimensions of the problems and to orient investment towards water conservation.

4.Provide incentives for water neutral and water positive technologies in the industry.

5.Encourage participation of NGOs in various activities related to water resources management, particularly in planning, capacity building and mass awareness.

6.Involve and encourage corporate sector / industries to take up, support and promote water conservation, augmentation and preservation within the industry and as part of corporate social responsibility.

Issues mentioned above are addressed through Human Resources Development (HRD)/Capacity Building (CB)/training/sensitization/mass awareness programmes through established institutions in water sector.  In this regard, draft guidelines have been prepared and will be uploaded as soon it is formally approved by the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation.

The identified strategies under this Goal are summarized as follows:

Goal –2 - Promotion of citizen and state action for water conservation, augmentation and preservation

Strategies under Goal 2

In order to monitor and advice on different activities being carried out under Goal-2, Inter Sectoral Advisory Group (ISAG) has been constituted. For further information, please click on the composition of ISAG for Goal-2 and important points discussed at the first and second ISAG meetings held respectively on 19-12-2011 and 04-08-2015.