Water TechTalk

The 'Water Tech Talk' Series

S. No. Series Speaker Topic Date Attachment File
20 20th Water Tech Talk Professor Nayan Sharma, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor, CTRANS, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, INDIA Distinguished Professor (Visiting), Shiv Nadar University, Institution of Eminence India, Delhi-NCR Former Honorary Professor of River Science, University of Nottingham, UK Former Visiting Professor, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), SWITZERLAND Overhaul water conservation in India by technology progression to tackle formidable climate challenges 13th May. 2022 Recording
19 19th Water Tech Talk Dr. Ashish Pandey, Professor & Head Department of Water Resources Development & Management, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee Irrigation Efficiency Improvement through On- Farm Water Management 08th April 2022 Recording
18 18th Water Tech Talk Dr. Ruchi Badola,Scientist G/Senior Professor,Wildlife Institute Of India,Dehradun Conserving Wetlands and Rivers:Challenges and opportunities 11th Mar 2022 Recording
17 17th Water Tech Talk Dr. Dilip G.Durbude,(Associate Professor) Water and Land Management Institute, Aurangabad Conglomerative measure to enhance Water Use Efficiency in irrigation Sector 11th Feb 2022 Recording
16 16th Water Tech Talk Dr. P.C.Jain, Water Warrior Rythu Sadhikara Samstha Rooftop rainwater harvesting by easiest and cheapest techniques 14th Jan. 2022 Recording
15 15th Water Tech Talk Mr. T. Vijay Kumar, I.A.S (retired),Executive Vice Chairman Rythu Sadhikara Samstha Climate-resilient, Natural Farming and learning from AP Community Managed Natural Farming 10th December 2021 Recording
14 14th Water Tech Talk Mr. Niraj Swami, Founder & CEO, SCADI.AI Application of Artificial Intelligence & Digital Twin technologies for Water Management 12th November 2021 Recording
13 13th Water Tech Talk Dr. Tanuja Ariyananda, CEO, Lanka Rainwater Harvesting Forum, Sri Lanka Global Aspect of Rainwater Harvesting 08th October 2021 Recording
12 12th Water Tech Talk Dr. Sumit Sen, Sr. Scientist, IIT Bombay Sharing Data to share Water 10th September 2021 Recording
11 11th Water Tech Talk Mr.Sushil Gupta is a Member PWRDA,Former Chairman, CGWB and CGWA Identification of Arsenic Free Aquifers and technology For Constructing Arsenic free tubewells. 13 August 2021 Recording
10 10th Water Tech Talk Dr. Deepak Kashyap, Former Visiting Professor in Iir Roorkee & Former Professor and Head D/o Civil Engineering and Dean of Faculty, IIT Roorkee Thoughts on Advancement of Groundwater Management Practices in India 09 July 2021 Recording
9 9th Water Tech Talk Dr Bhishm Kumar, Former Prof Staff , IAEA, Vienna, Austria & Advisor (IH), Former Sr Scientist & Head, NIH Roorkee Isotope Application in Water Resoirces Investigations & Managemnet 11 June 2021 Recording
8 8th Water Tech Talk Dr. Ashwaghosha Ganju, Scientist 'H', Former Director of SASE, DRDO Employment of state-of-the-art technology tools for resolving indeterminate snow-ice water resources for the sustenance of Himalayan ecosystem 14 May 2021 Recording
7 7th Water Tech Talk Dr. Nupur Bahadur, Fellow, Wastewater Treatment Technology, R&D, TERI TERI Advanced Oxidation Technology (TADOX) to Treat Wastewater and Enhance Water Reuse 09 April 2021 Recording
6 6th Water Tech Talk Jitendra Singh Choudhary, Project Shuddham, IIT Kanpur On low cost waste water recycling machine for domestic use 12 March 2021 Recording
5 5th Water Tech Talk Dr. Indra Shekhar Sen, Assistant Professor, Departt. Of Earth Science, IIT Kanpur New paradigms in water quality monitoring 12 Feb 2021 Recording
4 4th Water Tech Talk Mr. Osten Ekengren, Executive Vice President, IVL- Swedish Environmental Research Institute Reuse, Recycle of Water and Wastewater 08 Jan 2021 Recording
3 3rd Water Tech Talk Dr. T Pradeep, Institute Professor, Departt of Chemistry, IIT Madras Harvesting humidity for clean water 11 Dec 2020 Recording
2 2nd Water Tech Talk Dr. Rajiv Sinha, Professor, Deptt of Earth Sciences, IIT Kanpur Paleogeomoprhology and stratigraphy influence the groundwater depletion patterns in alluvial aquifers: Learnings from northwest India 13 Nov 2020 Recording
1 1st Water Tech Talk Mr. Niv Pintow, Founder LIVNAT Engineering- Former Mekorot project Manager, Israel National Water Company GIS uses in National Water Systems 09 Oct 2020 Recording