Synopsis of Water Data in India

Synopsis of Water Data

Water Sector at a Glance

1. Average Annual Precipitation (including snowfall) 4000 BCM
2. Geographical Area 328.7 Million Hectare
3. i) Census Population – 2001 1028.74 Million
ii) Census Population – 2011 1210.19 Million
4. Estimated Annual Rainfall 2011 3669.35 BCM
5. Average Annual Water Resources Potential 1869 BCM
6. i) Per Capita Water Availability (2001) 1816 Cubic Meter
ii) Per Capita Water Availability (2011) 1544 Cubic Meter
7. Estimated Utilisable Water
i) Surface 690 BCM
ii)Ground 431 BCM
iii)Total 1121 BCM
8.a) Live Storage Capacity 253.388 BCM
ii) Projects Under Construction 50.959 BCM

PDF iconSource:Water and related statistics: CWC


Dynamic Ground Water Resource (As on March, 2011)

Annual Replenish able Ground Water Resources 433 bcm
Net Annual Ground Water Availability 398 bcm
Annual Ground Water Draft for Irrigation Domestic & Industrial uses 245 bcm
Stage of Ground Water Development 62%

PDF iconSource : GROUND WATER QUALITY Senario CGWB report


Water Quality

It is estimated that about 38,000 million litres per day (mld) of wastewater are generated in the urban centres having population more than 50,000 in India (housing more than 70% of urban population). The municipal wastewater treatment capacity developed so far in India is about 11,000 mld accounting for 29% of wastewater generation in these two classes of urban centers. In view of population increase, demand of freshwater for all the uses will be unmanageable. It is estimated that the projected wastewater from urban centres may cross 1,00,000 mld by 2050 and the rural India will also generate not less than 50,000 mld in view of water supply designs for community supplies in rural areas.

PDF iconSource:Status of Water Quality in India 2011;CPCB