Goal 5

Promotion of basin level integrated water resources management

The identified strategies under Goal 5 are as follows:

Strategy 5.1

Review of National Water Policy.

(Agency: Central Water Commission, State Governments and Niti Aayog).

Strategy 5.2

Review of State Water Policy.

(Agency: State Governments)

Strategy 5.3

Guidelines for different uses of water e.g., irrigation, drinking, industrial etc particularly in context of basin wise situations.

(Agency: Central Ground Water Board, State Governments, Ministry of Jal Shakti, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers' Welfare, Ministry of Rural Development and Ministry of Panchayati Raj)

Strategy 5.5

Inter-basin integration particularly for augmenting water by converting surplus flood water into utilizable water.

(Agency: Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change and State Governments)

Strategy 5.6

Ensuring convergence among various water resources programmes.

(Agency: Ministry of Jal Shakti - Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation)