Goal 1

Comprehensive water data base in public domain

Water related data is being collected by various Central and State agencies for different purposes and kept in as many formats. The networks for data collection for various hydrological and other related parameters require a review for their adequacy to meet the requirement for reliable assessment of the impact of climate change on water resources. The collected data is required to be put in public domain so that policy makers and academician can access that with ease for their respective uses and people at large can form their well-informed views/opinions on various related matters.

The first and the foremost action required is to have a comprehensive data base in public domain (except for the data of sensitive nature), which inter-alia includes collection and publication of necessary data.

The strategies identified for achieving the goal include: (a) Dissemination of necessary reliable data on water; and (b)Interaction with data users as well as getting feedback from them on data and requirement of additional data.

Constitution of the Inter-Sectoral Advisory Group for Goal 1 is displayed at Annexure – C. Chairman, Central Water Commission would head the group. The Committee would also include Secretary, Earth Sciences besides various representatives of other ministries /departments.

All data and entire information (except data of sensitive and classified nature) would be placed in the public domain by respective agencies. First set of data has since been put in public domain with launching of first phase of “Water Resources Information System” on 7th December 2010. Read more